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BigRhinos believes that if you can imagine something, you can develop it. Software cannot be bounded by technical or time limitations.

Is what we do!

Do not think of us as wizards and witches, but we try to deliver something which will bring out only one word from your mouth: "WOW".

Co - Operation
To give out the best!

Our clients are the people who imagine and nurture the products. Extensive co-operation is essential to deeply understand exactly what you want, how you want, and why you want.

So many services.

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Customized Software Development
Anything you need!

We love making software. We do not want to put a limit on our scope of work. We love making everything, using everything.

3D Games & Interactive Animations
The Buzz Word in todays world

Day by day, everything is moving towards interactive, animated applications, starting from training programs to entertainment services. We do not want to fall behind the trend.

Children's Educational Applications
Our Flagship Product

Imagine children actually enjoying their studies, always eager to sit at the front bench at school. Our rich array of educational applications brings interactivity, playfulness and enjoyment into studies.

E - Commerce Solutions
Business totally online

Our applications ranges from small scale sales and inventory tracking systems to one stop e-commerce solutions featuring online payment, order tracking, and branch management.

Internet on Things
The power of computation ... anywhere

Internet on Things can be used to connect everything from your laptop to your car into your own personal cyberspace. With everything connected and online 24/7, you can keep everything organized on the fly and accomplish more and more just sitting at your desk!

Website Design
Something informative, beautiful, and trendy.

We have extensive experience in responsive and mobile first design. Fast page loads, crisp design, and deep browser support are trademarks of our websites.


Our Portfolio

We do what we love. Our clients love what we do.
Word Train
All platforms

Word Train

How rich is your vocabulary? Jump on to the vocabulary express to test drive your word skills!

Hidden Objects
All platforms

Hidden Objects

Here comes the hunter! Find all the hidden objects before time runs out. Be smart, they are hidden soooooooooo deep!

Ironman vs Zombies
All platforms

Ironman Vs Zombies

Zombies are attacking Ironman. They are coming one after the other. Ironman has his laser gun, but the problem is, these zombies are asking him to solve math questions.

iPhone, iPad & iPod


All in one hotspot / point of interest tracker. Enlists all nearby hospitals, events, restaurants, and more. On the fly ticket reserving and social networking.

Genius Toddlets
All platforms

Genius Toddlers

Give your kids their first lessons on alphabets, colours and counting through this interactive and fun filled adventure.

Point of Sales
Web and Desktop

Point of Sales

Fully customizable POS system with multiple store management, discount management, and advanced cash flow and revenue reports.

Children's Educational Applications - Educating kids by playing with them

ছুটির ঘন্টা - The School Bell

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if education was actually FUN ??? Have you dreamt of times when your kids would never skip a school day, and always sit on the first bench? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your kid's mathematics book was more interesting than the XBox 360 console?

Children love to play. There is no denying this. They will be happy if they can play 24 hours a day. That is why BigRhinos has developed a series of Educational Games aimed at stimulating their learning. Our games are purely based on content kids will come acroos at school.

We want to bring education out of boring textbox and into a interactive, fun filled world. You only need a PC or any smartphone (Android, IPhone, Windows Phone) to play our games.

Childrens Educational Applications

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